18 September 2017

SPICA Technologies partners with WND UK to provide innovative IoT solutions through the Sigfox network

Birmingham, UK, 18 September 2017 – Specialist IoT solutions provider SPICA Technologies is proud to announce a new partnership with UK Sigfox Network Operator WND UK.

Sigfox is a Low Powered Wide Area Network (LPWAN), which is being been built and run by WND UK. The network offers cost-effective, energy-efficient IoT connectivity and is already being used by SPICA to help businesses capitalise on the opportunity that the Internet of Things presents.

SPICA’s mission has always been to revolutionise the facilities management industry through the proliferation of IoT-based products and was an early adopter of Sigfox technology. The new partnership allows SPICA to quickly deploy affordable and innovative solutions to its clients, thanks to WND UK’s dynamic rollout strategy.

“Working with WND UK is a huge plus for us because its approach to building out a Sigfox network that extends throughout the UK is very different to those attempts made by previous network operators,” said Tim Streather, co-founder of Spica Technologies. “WND UK’s dynamic rollout strategy ensures that Sigfox base stations can be deployed at customer sites anywhere in the UK and be fully operational within weeks. Rolling out a nationwide Sigfox network as soon as possible is WND UK’s main priority, which aligns with our own strategy to provide simple to adopt, effective IoT solutions for our clients, at any location within the UK.”

SPICA has deployed Sigfox in its Devicepoint™ for Healthy Water solution to provide a complete Legionella control regime. Its connected devices constantly monitor the temperature in sections of pipe work. Sigfox-enabled sensors eliminate the manual work associated with reading and recording pipe temperature measurements. Its low power requirements enable long sensor battery life.

Neal Forse, CEO and founder of WND UK, commented: “WND UK’s goal is to provide the infrastructure needed for IoT to become truly pervasive here in the UK; but that is only half the equation. It is companies like SPICA, finding new and innovative ways to leverage our network, that are truly making the vision of IoT a reality. It’s a privilege to be able to call SPICA a partner as we continue to roll Sigfox out across the UK.”


Notes for editors

About WND UK

WND UK is the UK’s primary Sigfox network operator with a strong track record in the global telecoms and electronics industries. Since the launch of its UK operation in March 2017, WND UK has installed over 70 base stations, already providing coverage to 35% of the UK’s population.

WND UK aims to meet the anticipated growth in the huge number of IoT-enabled devices over the next few years through its dynamic rollout strategy and is committed to achieving 95% of the UK population coverage by 2019.

Sigfox is the world’s first dedicated low-power wide-area communications service for the IoT, capable of providing reliable and affordable network solutions for low-powered devices that require very little power.

WND UK’s growing ecosystem of channel partners provides logistics support and installation services to help accelerate deployment of the UK network. Partners operate across various industry sectors and provide IoT networks for a range of applications.

About SPICA Technologies

SPICA Technologies is a specialist IoT Systems Integrator that uses a combination of technical assets, hardware (device) and software components, and IOT integration expertise to help businesses capitalize on the opportunity that the Internet of Things represents. SPICA have specialist expertise in sensor/device design, embedded software development, IOT networks and integration, and IOT cloud platforms.