Spica has announced a major new partnership with water efficiency specialist, Cistermiser.  The partnership brings together the technical expertise of Spica in connected technology and IoT solutions for the workplace and the intelligent water management solutions from Cistermiser.

Spica’s ability to deliver real-time monitoring of water temperature and flow, to provide faster critical insight to managers and to eliminate manual checks on water systems is a key reason Cistermiser has selected Spica for the major solutions provided to hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The partnership will deliver significant benefits by mitigating risks associated with diseases such as Legionella and is set to change the way infection control is managed.

Date: August 2018

Cistermiser launches innovative temperature monitoring system LinkThru

Intelligent washroom controls and water efficiency specialist Cistermiser has launched LinkThru, the groundbreaking temperature-monitoring platform that is set to change the way hospitals and healthcare facilities manage infection control.
Approved Code of Practice and Guidance L8 (fourth edition), published by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in 2013 with technical guidance published separately in HSG274, states that all duty-holders, including employers, those in charge of premises and those with health and safety responsibilities for others, have a responsibility to manage and prevent the onset of Legionnnaires’ disease from potential legionella contamination of a building’s water systems.

The report seeks to combat legionella in a practical manner, laying out a set of guidelines for those in a position of responsibility to follow. Now Cistermiser has introduced a device to take this a step further.

Using a specialist PropTech solution from Spica Technologies, LinkThru automatically checks the water temperature and flow activity in pipework systems every ten seconds, transmitting the results into a secure cloud application. Users can quickly access the information from anywhere via a device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone and take corrective action if needed.

This invaluable ‘real-time’ data replaces the need for a labour-intensive monitoring system where estates personnel are required to take frequent manual temperature checks around a building’s system. Getting this vital data quickly and efficiently is a significant time-saving over manual systems.

The information gathered is then used to alert users to high-risk water temperatures, which can be a critical indicator for the potential for growth of water-borne bacterium such as pseudomonas aeruginosa and legionellosis (legionella). The solution also provides a holistic overall view of the water system, highlighting such issues as scalding risk, low-usage outlets, calorifier efficiency issues, etc.

Cistermiser Technical Director David Meacock says: “This is not just tech for tech’s sake. By eliminating the need for manual checks, this solution will improve risk mitigation, reduce costs and deliver a stronger business outcome overall.”

The system is already in production and running in many estates already, including several Healthcare sites, other public sector premises and commercial facilities. Developed through extensive collaboration with Spica Technologies and the involvement of key maintenance and engineering personnel, the platform delivers against the key regulatory and legal frameworks for managing potential water contamination in building systems.

LinkThru comprises three elements: a Temperature Monitoring Unit (TMU), which is connected to the pipework and transmits the data; a wireless network that sends data to the cloud; and the data and analytics accessed through the portal, powered by Spica Devicepoint®.

This innovation comes just as Cistermiser enters a new era under the strapline ‘Our World Is Water’. The full re-branding, including a new corporate website and an overhaul of all marketing collateral, reflects the overall objective of the company to preserve, sustain and manage the world’s most precious resource through new ‘information-rich’ technologies.


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Notes to Editors

Cistermiser and Keraflo are the UK’s leading intelligent washroom controls and water efficiency specialists.

With their headquarters and manufacturing centre in Woodley, Reading, the two companies boast proud histories spanning over 35 years of service to the UK construction industry, with design and development of proven and innovative products.

A bold ‘Our World is Water’ corporate slogan underlines a shared commitment to producing smart, efficient water management solutions that optimise control, deliver savings and help to ensure the safety and preservation of the earth’s most precious resource.

The Cistermiser name is synonymous with a range of quality, reliable products that control all the water outlets in a commercial washroom, as well as Combimate limescale prevention units for domestic applications.

The Keraflo brand is renowned for top quality, delayed action mechanical float valves and stored cold water tank management systems.

ISO.9001:2015 certified and members of Made in Britain, both companies are subsidiaries of Davidson Holdings, a privately-owned group of brand-leading businesses in the lightside building products sector.

Spica Technologies is a leading provider of technology that makes work a better place. Through insight, connected technology and Internet of Things expertise, Spica builds innovative solutions that provide significant benefits for building owners, facilities management executives and the wellbeing of employees.

ISO.27001 certified, demonstrating their commitment to Internet of Things security, Spica’s award-winning Devicepoint® Application suite offers powerful outcome-based PropTech solutions. Spica are based in Aston, Birmingham and privately-owned.