Designing for mobile

I’m Ed, a Product Designer at Spica and I am very passionate about the exciting technology and business opportunities offered by IOT, and how they can enable process efficiency / customer experience improvements within Facilities Management.

I have recently started working on designing my first Spica native mobile application for a key UK client. The learning process has been both interesting and complex, but I have found the challenge hugely rewarding. I’ve spent time researching Apple Design Guidelines which are very informative and also provide you with template resources, including standard iOS components, assisting in wireframe design.

I was surprised to discover several components that can be used for the same piece of functionality. Close communication with our internal Spica Developers, combined with creating and refining wireframes allowed me to identify the best components to use for User Experience (UX).

An example of this is the use of tables over pickers. The use case involves the user selecting floors in order to search for available meeting rooms. Pickers are generally used to pick a single distinct value. However, user research identified there is the possibility for multiple floors to be selected. A table proved more practical and useful, allowing the user to identify floors in a single-column list.

As always, testing has proven an important part of the design process. I have been uploading wireframes to my mobile phone in order to get an impression of the application components and then reviewing with the wider team, ensuring consistency. User testing will be carried out once each feature set has been completed, providing me with valuable feedback and driving any design iterations.

Ed Green

Product team