Product Solutions


Product Solutions

Through insight, IoT and Digital Transformation expertise, Spica builds applications that provide real-time data, visibility and evidence-based information to improve the efficiency and management of buildings.

Spica builds innovative applications that help facilities management, building owners and occupiers deliver a better workplace experience for employees and users. Building management activities such as occupancy planning, room booking, service requests and smart cleaning can be used effectively to increase productivity and improve wellbeing in the working environment. Sensor-based data informs decisions and provides significant efficiency benefits and delivers a measurable ROI for building managers.

Read below about our pre-packaged Product offerings that provide everything you need to get started with tangible IoT use cases. We are continually investigating new use cases to deveop into future Products. For more information about a specific use case not listed, please visit our Project and Services section.

GemEx Engine® (formerly Devicepoint®) Analytics Platform

The powerful platform is customised to deliver data, reports and alerts to optimise the workplace. With this flexible solution numerous use cases have been developed. Learn more about the numerous use cases including risk management tools, space and occupancy monitoring and demand-based cleaning digital tool aids.

Digital Workplace Experience Apps

Spica provides a single mobile app, tailored and branded for organisations, that allows employees to interact in real-time with the services in the building. These might include location-based services, room booking, access controls, service requests, free desk areas, catering and many other similar environmental experiences.

Food and Drink Ordering


Search and Locate

FM Services



Meeting Room Booking





Assistance and Complaints

Food and Drink Ordering


Security Access and App Access

Giving Employees Data

Employees are often the highest cost in a business so it pays to help ensure they have the best workplace experience possible. Putting information into the hands of the users that directly improves how productive and effective they are can directly impact their experience of working for a business, supporting better recruitment and staff retention rates.

Better Experience

Benefits of the app help both building managers and the employees to get a better experience during their time spent at work.

Greater Comfort

Optimises the workplace environment for comfort and productivity, allowing users to choose the location and environment that suits their needs.

Flexible FM Service

Creates a solid foundation to which to explore demand based/flexible FM services based on need and actual user-generated ideas for organisation specific MyWorkApps.


Promotes wellbeing and choice, driving employee satisfaction and retention.

Decision Making

Creation of enhanced data to enable strategic decision making (space use and service mapping for example).

Access Services

Seamless interaction in service engagement – less frustration in accessing different systems.


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