Phased Office Re-entry Digital Solutions

Take a holistic return-to-work strategy with software solutions created to make your organisation adaptable now and in the future.




A New Working World

This year has seen communities and businesses go through a lot. Now, with positive news and a view to a post-pandemic life on the horizon we can take a moment to evaluate not just what our organisations need right now but what will also benefit them and their people in the future.


Evaluate & Safely coordinate employees return to the office

Map out your office digital twin

Map out your office spaces and resources and block desks strategically for social distancing in our GemEx platform. Assess what occupant levels are appropriate and set alerts for potential breaches that FM staff can respond in real-time to.

Give your employees true flexibility and empower them to make safe decisions with desk booking via an employee experience app.


Keep Staff Informed

Employee communications are critical in ensuring a smooth transition back into the workplace. This can be achieved through a number of different channels including an employee app like Luna, whose 3rd party location-aware content module comes with multi-lingual options and push notifications.

Assess What Outcomes You Need

Depending on what you need from the workplace there is likely to be a digital solution. For demand-based cleaning there’s Smart Cleaning perspective, for desk management there’s the Luna app. Talking with our digital workplace consultants we can work together to find the most suitable options.


The New Normal, Flexible Agile Connected Workplace

Provide High-Quality Sanitisation

Create real-time alerts for used workspaces, meeting rooms and washrooms enabling a proactive demand-based cleaning response. Provide reassurance on cleaning quality levels with accurate reports on all sanitisation work undertaken along with response times.


Create a Healthy Environment

Set monitoring alerts on indoor environmental quality (IEQ), keeping your workplace in optimal conditions for employee health. View levels for humidity, temperature, air quality and more at a glance and adjust services and facilities in real-time based on need.

Employee App Touchless Access

Give your employees true flexibility and empower them to make safe decisions with touchless building access and desk booking functions, all part of the workplace experience app Luna.

Workplace Experience App

Desk Hotelling

checking in and out allowing for efficient workspace management and cleaning of used spaces.

Employee Communications

Keep staff informed with push notification content for the latest real-time safety updates. Content can be sent to specific buildings, floors or even workspaces.



Real-time Occupancy & Air Quality Info

Real-time info on workplace occupant density and air quality – allowing employees to make informed decisions on visiting the workplace or working remotely.

Book Socially Distanced Meetings

Booking socially distanced meetings or using ‘find a colleague’ feature to locate team members and collaborate safely.

Employee Feedback

Get employee feedback through the survey tool to manage any facilities workplace issues.

Order Food & Drink Safely

Integrate with catering facilities and use the app to order, pay and collect or have food/drink delivered to lower contact points for safety.

Help Desk Integration

Integrate with existing help desk/ticketing systems for efficient management of high-risk activities e.g. non-compliance in social distancing and hygiene concerns.

BMS Integration

Integrate the app with Building Access Control system for touchless entry into secure areas.


App Analytics

FM teams can utilise the app analytics to access occupancy statistics, usage levels and common safety concerns raised via tickets.


Maintain social distancing

Avoid overcrowding in all office areas including washroom availability, with live occupancy data on TV display.

Generate occupancy alarms at a floor, meeting room or workplace area level to alert when capacity limits are close to being breached.


Making Work Better Long-term 

Amenitised Workplace

The workplace will have to be a destination of choice to attract talent and encourage face to face collaboration . We believe creating flexible facilities that gives occupants access to a host of services is the future.

Schedule your work day by booking your car space, shower facilities, workspaces and meeting rooms and check transport information for the way home.

Consolidate or Expand Real Estate

Using occupancy and space usage analytics from the Workspace perspective of GemEx, analysts can access trend based historical data to determine the best future use of their portfolio with hard evidence.

Hybrid Working

The global work from home experiment has proven we can work from anywhere. The new normal will see more employers offer hybrid working. This is where desk and resource booking with an Employee App like Luna will be beneficial.

Evidenced Workplace Sanitisation

What used to be a service that was scheduled for after office hours, cleaning is now something that employees and management want to see for peace of mind. Explore our Smart Cleaning perspective where you can configure custom reports and improve service levels for an enhanced customer experience.

Suport & Training

All solutions are powered by the GemEx Engine® workplace platform, which is a self-service platform. Spica Technologies supports our clients in becoming GemEx Experts, also known as Platform Administrators by providing the following:


  • Onboarding training workshops
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager and Account Manager
  • Training for any updates or new feature releases
  • Online Helpguide
  • Digital Support Ticket System

Start connecting your people, places and data

Our digital workplace consultants are on hand for a free no obligation consultation to find out what specific solutions are best suited to your organisation and realising your operational goals and improving the employee workplace experience.

Book a Consultation 

  Our digital workplace consultants will take you through the platform and identify the specific solutions that most benefit your organisation.

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