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Workplace software helping healthcare organisations get the most from their people and buildings


Book Desks, Rooms & More

Provide staff with a custom workplace app to book on-site rooms for consultations, desk space and other amenities.

Monitor Water Systems

With our Healthy Water solution you can automate water system monitoring for Legionella risk management.

Improve cleaning efficiency

Give cleaning teams tech that will allow them to improve efficiency with real-time alerts and a full history of cleaning activities.


building spaces

Lease underused areas, change space purpose based on real-time and historical trend analysis of how your buildings are really being used.


Improve indoor air quality

Monitor levels on temperature, humidity, VOCs and many more factors to promote a healthier environment for optimal working conditions.


actionable data 

Provide key stakeholders with clear data and analytics reports on patient experience, space usage and service improvements.

Secure platform & app

more than just a reservation system

It’s true that you can allow staff to book any resource but the GemEx platform and Luna app are much more than a booking system. Within one platform you can manage your entire portfolio, access your analytics data, set alerts for on-site teams and build a digital twin of your estate with at a glance views of your assets.


Secure Data

The cloud-based workplace experience platform powers all of our solutions including the Luna app. Spica Technologies solutions are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant.


Tools to improve the workplace experience and performance

Employee App

Building Access

News, Events & Policies

Booking System

Service Requests

Workspace Management

Workplace Digital Twin

Real-time data

Space Management

Workspace Analytics

Desk & Resource Reservations

Desk reservations

Room reservations

Book any resource

Filter by environment

Environment Monitoring

Improve air quality

Monitor temperature, humidity, CO2 and more

Set Alerts

Indoor Navigation

Find Colleagues

Check occupancy levels

Find points of interest

Navigate using the IPS

Smart Cleaning

Real-time data via IoT

App for cleaning team

Send teams to needed areas

Increase efficiency

Visible task history

Legionella Risk Management

Removes human error

Automate system checks

Set alerts

Reduce workplace risk

Footfall Monitoring

TV Kiosk views

At-a-glance occupancy

Alerts for capacity breaches

Real-time data


What You Get

Custom Branding

Agnostic Integrations

Online Training

Help Ticket System

Updates & Fixes

User Role Permissions

Robust Documentation

Built In Analytics

"The digital workplace transformation journey with Spica through the last 3 years have been extraordinary. The team was able to rise to the challenge and provide industry leading smart building capabilities tailored to the unique requirements that we had."

Clament Lijoy, EY

“We have taken an innovative, careful and proactive approach to helping our people return to our workplace environments. Investing in Luna App technology helps ensure we provide a safe working environment whilst enhancing the customer experience. Spica have delivered a flexible and outstanding personalised service against a challenging deadline that meant we could rapidly integrate the app with our different workplace systems and allows our people to book their workspaces as part of their safe office re-entry.”

Louise Sheppard,  Zurich

a connected healthcare provider

On your search for software that can help enhance your patient and employee experience in your buildings you will have come across a long list of acronyms; IoT, IWMS, CAFM. Our platform and app can fall into any number of these overlapping titles.

If you looking to drive efficiency and make the most of staff time there are solutions to suit you. Solutions like Desk and Room Booking in the Luna workplace experience app and the Smart Cleaning perspective in the GemEx Engine®, which provides a full audit history of cleaning team activity alongside an app for on-site teams to respond to used areas and avoid wasted time.

Multiple solutions in GemEx can be mixed and matched to suit your needs. In the same platform you can manage compliance around building occupant levels with footfall monitoring and legionella risk with Workspace and Healthy Water respectively.

Environment Monitoring allows you to see the air quality of your buildings with configurable alerts for when levels drop outside of optimal levels. One or more of the solutions from within our platform will help connect your people to the services within your building and give a better experience to patients and staff alike.

Case studies


Our Digital Workplace Consultants are on hand to help you learn more about our products and how they can make your workplace better.

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