Digital Workplace Solutions

The new office landscape

Covid-19 and its impact has been unprecedented. While we all adjust to a new flexible way of working organisations must ensure employees have a safe work environment to return to. At Spica we are already assisting organisations in taking a holistic return-to-work strategy with software solutions created to solve the challenges ahead.

Top Priorities

Reduce workplace density

Our software solutions allow you to map out your office spaces and block desks strategically for social distancing. Give your employees true flexibility and empower them to make safe decisions with desk booking.

Maintain social distancing

Avoid overcrowding with live occupancy data on TV display, generate occupancy alarms at a floor, meeting room or workplace area level to alert when capacity limits are close to being breached.

Provide high-quality sanitisation

Create real-time alerts for used workspaces, meeting rooms and washrooms enabling a proactive demand-based cleaning response. Provide reassurance on cleaning quality levels with accurate reports on all sanitisation work undertaken along with response times.

Create a healthy environment

Set monitoring alerts on indoor environmental quality (IEQ), keeping your workplace in optimal conditions for employee health. View levels for humidity, temperature, air quality and more at a glance and adjust services and facilities in real-time based on need.

Software Solutions

Flexible Workplace Analytics Platform

Custom Workplace Experience App

The powerful GemEx Engine® platform and Luna Workplace Engagement App are built customised to your organisations specific operational, branding and cultural requirements. The incredible data processing power of GemEx Engine® means you can effectively manage workplace occupancy levels, desk booking, sanitisation scheduling and the environment for an ongoing safe, healthy and clean workplace.

Enable Desk Booking

The latest feature of the Luna employee experience app allows employees to book available desks or any other company resource such as meeting rooms, parking spaces and equipment.

This solution is infrastructure free and can be integrated with your existing booking system.

Proactive Sanitisation

Create effective and demonstratable cleaning practices with the Smart Cleaning perspective powered by the GemEx Engine®.

Schedule regular tasks, create alerts for used spaces, show real-time cleaning status with a user-friendly mobile app for cleaning staff.

Manage Occupancy Levels

See at a glance the occupancy levels of floors in your corporate buildings. Create occupancy alerts per floor, building or meeting room to maintain social distancing policies.

Originally designed for fire safety compliance this solution can aid return to work strategies. This solution is available through the Workspace perspective of the GemEx Engine®.

Avoid Congested Areas

Show a view of live occupancy of all washrooms on the floor, so employees can maintain social distancing even when using facilities.

This solution is delivered through the Workspace perspective from the GemEx Engine®. Washroom cleaning alerts are available when used in conjunction with SmartCleaning.