The Highlands get connected with IOT

Our challenge?
To launch the Highland’s first fully-functional, low power, wide area Internet of Things network at the new An Lòchran building on Inverness Campus, enabling monitoring a range of building management data and also to allow businesses in the Highlands to access emerging IOT technologies and support companies in developing new products and services.

Our approach
Working together with partners CENSIS (the Scottish Innovation Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems) and Stream Technologies, Spica has brought companies, the public sector and universities together to develop new business solutions.

Ten environmental monitoring devices have been installed in the building, which monitor temperature, humidity, CO2 emissions, noise and light, enabling the building’s owners and occupants make better decisions about how the building is managed.

Spica’s Devicepoint® for Workspace gathers data and sends it in real time into the Devicepoint® dashboard for easy remote access.

Our Results

Expansion of the network beyond the An Lòchran building
Inclusion of energy, life sciences, digital and agricultural businesses in the local area
Workshops held at Inverness Campus to help Highlands’ SMEs understand how to take advantage of IOT technology

“Deployment of this network and facility places it at the cutting edge of smart economies and technical innovation. It positions Inverness at the forefront of digital and IoT Evolution.”
Nigel Chadwick, CEO Stream Technologies,

“This engagement demonstrates the huge opportunity that exists for the IoT to deliver innovative solutions, and ultimately large cost savings in the building management space. It is also a fantastic example of how quickly and easily IoT technology can be implemented, not just in the largest capital cities, but anywhere across the whole of the UK – in this case, empowering digital innovation and change within the Scottish Highlands and Islands.”
Tim Streather, Spica Sales and Marketing Director