Asset Booking

Giving your workforce the power to schedule their day with digitally automated asset booking. This means you aren’t limited to just booking a desk, you can book your car parking space, the work shower facilities or book out a piece of equipment. The possibilities are open for your organisation.

Streamline employee’s workday and allow facilities teams to focus on more time sensitive areas as your asset booking goes digital. You can do all this with the Luna workplace experience mobile app. 


Meeting Rooms

Car Spaces

Other Resources

Desk Booking

Desk Booking or hoteling is where employees can ‘check-in’ and ‘check-out’ of their desk space.

Calculate your office capacity, map out restricted and available desks for safety and compliance. By configuring a digital map of your buildings in our GemEx platform your workforce can utilise the desk booking module in Luna, making booking desk simple and safe.


Dynamic Filters

Filter options are dynamic based on the configuration of your digital office map, environmental factors, available resources and custom categories applied in the GemEx workplace platform. The choice doesn’t end there, pick from previously booked spaces or ‘find a colleague’ for collaboration.

Simple Booking Management

Spica have made it simple to book, cancel and amend bookings. By syncing Luna with reservation systems such as Microsoft 365 you can easily manage your bookings from Outlook as well as your app. 

Office Hotelling

Checking in and out of resources allows for efficient handling of assets.


Save Time

Employees can save time by scheduling their day effectively.


Use booking analytics to understand usage and adjust resources accordingly.


Empower users by providing self-service controls and on-the-go access to resources.

Reconnect to the workplace with other Luna Features

Desk & Resource Booking

Real-time resource search and booking for desks, meeting rooms and more. Filter by amenities, proximity, live occupancy or environmental conditions.


Keep staff informed by authoring your own content for various Luna modules. For instance, News, Events, Travel, Visitor Info, Building Services and more – all with multi-language support, and content publishing workflows.  

touchless Access & Security

When integrated with an access control system, employees can use the Luna app for touchless access to their office building, specific work areas, smart lockers and more. 


View menus, available offers, and with 3rd party integrations order meals, drinks or meeting concierge services.

Luna Workplace Employee Experience Mobile App Homescreen


Find and navigate to any point of interest in the building. With Indoor Positioning navigate in real-time to any location and view info about nearby points of interest.


Raise building and facilities service requests. Integrate into existing Helpdesk solutions. View nearby requests and monitor the status of raised requests.


Employees can search for workspaces or other resources and filter by temperature, noise levels and more as real-time data is fed into the app.


Provide feedback on building and app services, giving further insight into how workplace experience can be augmented.

Luna Integrations

Luna utilises real-time sensor data and integrates with your existing systems; Room booking, Helpdesk, Content, and more to provide a single holistic interface to the workplace facilities and services. 

Luna & GemEx.

A Dual Solution.


GemEx allows Luna to provide the real-time employee experience while you can also make use of the long term data insights in GemEx.

The platform allows you to update your solution settings in real-time, adjusting things like booking rules and space availability in seconds.

GemEx is an integration and API engine that underpins Luna’s capabilities.

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