I’ve just started at Spica – it’s my first month and my first time in the IOT and “Smart Buildings” sector! Having come from a background of Indoor Air and Water Quality Facilities Management, I understand about Account Management and FacMan solution selling, but this is different….. I’ve left my comfort zone behind and now need to learn about this new technology world which is entirely new to me.

We have a small but rapidly expanding team; they’re ferociously dedicated to what they do. The departments marry well together – Tech. Development, Product & Customer Success, Ops and then finally Sales & Marketing. All interconnecting and working collectively to create solutions and add genuine value based on our client’s needs.

It’s been an exciting few weeks – attending meetings, reading through heaps of product information and case studies, and learning how to use trendy new software.

I look forward to what the future has to bring!

Anika Bhandari, Account Manager