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Spica believes that technology in the world of property and buildings must be focused on the people using and working within the physical spaces. Our solutions provide measurable business outcomes and maximise Spica’s technical expertise as an IoT systems integrator focused on creating mobile applications and products to ensure the experience of working in a building is the best it can be. We design apps for people, we help make the workplace experience something that supports employee productivity, satisfaction and well-being.

Spica Helping business utilise and optimise sensor-driven data

Spica Helping business utilise and optimise sensor-driven data

Spica Services

Using simple low-cost sensor devices, the solutions enable the PropTech sector to improve efficiency, manage increasingly complex buildings, improve compliance and reporting and deliver the same service for legacy or new builds.

A business’s most valuable asset is the people who work for them. As a result, forward-thinking companies are placing greater emphasis and importance on health and wellbeing and creating work environments that allow them to thrive professionally and personally. Happy and Healthy staff are fundamental to ensuring a company remains efficient and profitable.

Our project expertise and range of products help deliver a great experience for users through intuitive apps that combine services such as sensor-based occupancy, room booking, service requests and smart cleaning.  Integrating sensors with powerful analytics and reporting, collected data can be used effectively to increase productivity, comfort and the experience of building users.

Welcome to the new dawn in PropTech.

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...Building Management


...Meeting Rooms

...Comfort Levels

Work Spaces

...Help Desk Integrations

...Security Access

...Food and Drink Ordering

...Smart Cleaning

...People Counting

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“The Internet of Things is so much more than a disruptive technology; it is a crucial enabler to improve business performance. To compete in today’s increasingly competitive markets, business leaders must take advantage. Spica worked with Deloitte’s IoT team to install and integrate a variety of technologies and demonstrate to Deloitte clients the art of the possible.”

Thomas Watling, IoT disruptor, Deloitte.